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The Trek 7th October 2018

The Trek is an activity hike for Scouts, Guides, Explorer Scouts, Network Members and Leaders. It tests knowledge and skills at a variety of base activities, including quizzes, races, map reading and navigation, time keeping and other traditional Scouting skills.

Teams of three participants (four in special circumstances) visit between four and twenty bases, spread over the Worcestershire countryside, collecting points as they go.

There are manned and un-manned bases. Teams get a fixed number of points for visiting un-manned bases. At manned bases, teams complete a task and points are awarded depending on how well they do.

Teams are provided with the locations of the bases before the event and they have to plot their own route. There are six Major bases and the teams must visit at least four of these bases. Besides that constraint, teams are free to plan to visit as many bases as they want to. The more bases they visit, the more points they will get.

Entry forms and rules will be available to download from this page from the 1st May 2018.

Detailed information, such as the base grid references, will be sent out to successful applicants during the week commencing 17th August 2018.